Why invest in RPAC?

Why invest in RPAC?

“If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu.” Lawmakers have the power to make decisions on countless issues affecting real estate. RPAC and our strong advocacy program help us be at the table where decisions are made whether at city hall, Springfield or Washington, D.C.

Imagine your real estate business with …

  • New service tax on commissions
  • Elimination of the Mortgage Interest Deduction
  • 10% tax on real estate advertising

  • $50 sign fee for each of your listings
  • Mandatory video sewer inspections costing an average of $500
  • $200 business registration fee for every licensee
  • No National Flood Insurance Program complicating or preventing closings on homes that are in flood zones
  • Mandatory fire sprinklers in new and rehabbed homes, costing $10,000 or more

These are examples of threats that our legislative efforts have helped STOP!

What is RPAC?

  • RPAC is a Political Action Committee (PAC) run by REALTORS®, for REALTORS®

  • PACs support candidates for public office
  • REALTORS® decide who gets RPAC dollars based on a candidate’s voting history, their support for real estate issues

  • RPAC is voluntary

  • RPAC does not support candidates for U.S. President

2022 RPAC Fundraising Totals

These numbers are final as of December 31, 2022

Amount Raised of $1,950,251 Goal
Percent Participation of 37% Goal

Total Invested

Goal: $1,950,251

Major Investors

Goal: 514

President’s Circle

Goal: 51


Goal: 37%