With nearly two weeks left before election day, you can find the local and state candidates who deserve your support by checking the bipartisan voting reference page prepared by Illinois REALTORS®.

Not only does the page identify candidates who support businesses, property rights, low taxes and economic growth (Opportunity Races), but it lists candidates who have received independent expenditure support from your association, too.

In state senate races, REALTORS® are behind:

  • Sen. Tom Cullerton, 23rd District;
  • Sen. Melinda Bush, 31st District;
  • Sen. Sue Rezin, 38th District;
  • Sen. Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant, 49th District;
  • Sen. Gary Forby, 59th District; and
  • Paul Schimpf, 58th District.

In the state house, pro-REALTOR® candidates are:

  • Rep. Michael McAuliffe, 20th District;
  • Rep. Sheri Jesiel, 61st District;
  • REALTOR® Rep. Sam Yingling, 62nd District;
  • Steve Reick, 63rd District;
  • REALTOR® Tony McCombie, 71st District;
  • Rep. David Welter, 75th District;
  • Rep. Avery Bourne, 95th District;
  • Rep. Dan Beiser, 111th District;
  • Rep. Dwight Kay, 112th District; and
  • Rep. John Bradley, 117th District.

Local candidates competing for county positions include:

  • Jack Franks, McHenry County Board Chair;
  • REALTOR® John Reinert, McHenry County Board District 2;
  • Frank Haney, Winnebago County Board Chairman;
  • Tom Weigel, Will County Board District 12;
  • Ray Tuminello, Will County Board District 12;
  • REALTOR® Dan Patlak, Cook County Board of Review District 1;
  • Aaron Lawlor, Lake County Board Chair; and
  • Don Moran, Will County Board.

For more information about the upcoming elections, search for Elections 2016 on this blog.