To celebrate the state’s 200th birthday, Chicago Association of REALTORS® (CAR) partnered with the Peterson Garden Project to create Bicentennial Garden at Global Garden in Chicago. Chicago REALTORS® volunteered during several build days throughout the fall and spring to prep the ground, build garden beds, and plant crops that were grown 200 years ago in Illinois.  

“REALTORS® are always involved with our communities. There’s nothing better than spending a day giving back and helping our neighbors,” Rebecca Thomson, president of the Chicago Association of REALTORS® and principal of Thomson Real Estate Group, said.

By partnering with the Peterson Garden Project, a Chicago-based non-profit organization that teaches residents how to grow and cook their own food, CAR hopes to create a lasting impact on Chicago neighborhoods. Community gardens are becoming increasingly popular in urban cities and popping up all over Chicago, providing for local seniors, refugees, children and other community members in need.  

“Projects like this, with volunteers that really care make a huge difference for an organization like Peterson Garden Project” says Lamanda Joy, executive director of Peterson Garden Project.  

REALTORS® across the state are working with heart in their communities to complete projects like this to commemorate the Illinois Bicentennial. Chicago Association of REALTORS® project is one of 36 legacy projects being completed by our 29 local REALTOR® associations. Various projects include fundraising for local historic home repairs while others are funding historical murals for their community or promoting local historical properties and societies. Illinois REALTORS® has donated land in downtown Springfield next to our headquarters to build Bicentennial Plaza – a REALTOR® Community Partnership, which is a signature project of the state bicentennial celebrations. 

The association is an official endorsed partner with the Illinois Bicentennial Commission, which oversees the state’s plans for the milestone birthday. 

(This blog post is part of a series over the next several months covering Illinois REALTORS® local associations legacy projects leading up to the state of Illinois 200th Birthday. Learn more) 

Photos and video provided by Chicago Association of REALTORS®