Illinois REALTORS® Immediate Past President Matt Difanis was honored twice in 2018 for his passion and achievements by two associations hours away from his home and business.

In February, just a few months after beginning his term as 2018 president, the Chicago chapter of the Asian Real Estate Association of America (AREAA) recognized Difanis with its Member of the Year Award. The association lauded his work to increase diversity within Illinois REALTORS® and his commitment to building relationships with REALTOR® constituencies.

In October, Difanis (co-owner of RE/MAX Realty Associates in Champaign, Mahomet and Monticello) received the Titan Award from the Chicago Association of REALTORS® (CAR) for promoting diversity and understanding. He received the honor at a forum titled, “Past, Present, Future: Reflecting on 50 Years of the Fair Housing Act.” The forum was held by the CAR Industry Partners, a coalition of real estate industry groups.

CAR CEO Michelle Mills Clement said Difanis was invaluable and passionate about “seeking diversity in leadership at the state level” and supporting multicultural organizations in the coalition. “This past year, he has sacrificed thousands of miles driving to the city to support partner events, taking pictures, sharing equipment, promoting events on his social media platforms, connecting many with policymakers and relevant organizations outside of ‘REALTOR-world,’ becoming a proud dues-paying member to many organizations, and much more,” she said.

In the October 2017 issue of Illinois REALTOR® magazine, Difanis outlined some of his objectives in the article, “Celebrating the diverse talents of the REALTOR® Family.”

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