These are the steps to apply for licensure in Illinois on the basis of reciprocity:

  1. You must be actively licensed by examination in the state from which you are applying.
  2. Illinois must have a written reciprocal agreement with the state in which you are currently licensed by examination.
  3. You must take and pass the Illinois portion of the licensure examination.
  4. Your sponsor must have an active broker or managing broker license in Illinois. A managing broker can self-sponsor.*
  5. For Managing Broker Applicants only: your broker license must have been in an active status during the immediately preceding two years.*
    *Indiana and Illinois only share BROKER reciprocity, not Managing Broker.

Illinois REALTORS® suggests using the Illinois REcampus QBank v2.0 or to prepare for this exam. Some students also benefit from purchasing the Modern Real Estate Practice in Illinois textbook or e-book.

To register as a candidate for the real estate exam, you will need to contact PSI/AMP (Applied Measurement Professionals, Inc) directly to schedule. There are also exam prep products on AMP’s site, you can find them by following this link.

Once you have taken and passed the exam and are ready to fill out the Illinois Reciprocity Application. You will also need to request your Certified Licensure History from the state(s) in which you hold a real estate license. Refer to the regulatory agency for your state. We advise you contact the licensing agency in your state immediately to obtain this documentation.

Email [email protected] for more information on reciprocity.