It is very important to take immediate action on a deficiency notice. Do not ignore the email. If you are not in compliance within 60 days, your case will be sent to prosecution and you will be subject to disciplinary action and substantial fines.  You must take one of these steps:

  1. Provide evidence of compliance by submitting copies of the certificates of course completion for the each of the courses identified in the notice to the Department.
  2. Immediately complete the courses identified in the notice to satisfy the deficiency and submit the certificates of completion along with a late fee of $25 per credit hour. Your submission will not be reviewed or considered until payment is received by check or money order.

Completing your continuing education requirements in a timely fashion during each renewal cycle will help your license remain in good standing. Be sure to update your email address regularly with IDFPR to ensure you receive all notifications. Contact an Illinois REALTORS® Education Specialist if you have questions.