Futurist David Zach speaks to REALTORS® at the IAR Fall Conference

Augmented reality that will change the way we see the world around us. Innovative 3-D printers that could change how homes and other goods are manufactured. Smart devices could allow things such as a chair or tool to “talk” and report whether you are using it correctly.

The future is around the corner and these innovations could greatly shape how real estate professionals interact with clients and manage their business. In this morning’s keynote session at the final day of IAR Fall Conference, futurist David Zach highlighted some of the technology trends to watch, but cautioned against getting sidetracked by fads.

Zach holds a master’s degree in Studies of the Future from the University of Houston-Clear Lake and speaks around the country on trends with innovation and design.

Many people believe that progress is leaving things behind, but real progress is also holding onto the traditional things that have future value, he said.

The future will bring more choices, break down boundaries, increase demands for attention and change the role of customers and clients. To meet that challenge it’s important to relax, remember to interact face-to-face, don’t forego proven foundations and give yourself the freedom to fail.

“Look at the future not as an inconvenience but as an adventure of a lifetime,” he said.