Want to know more about how Home Rule can cost Illinois taxpayers money?

The Illinois Association of REALTORS has come up with an informative graphic that explains the pitfalls of the practice of allowing communities to virtually unlimited power to raise property taxes.

The info-graphic is part of a series produced by IAR on topics that the association’s 41,000 members are often faced with across Illinois. It shows where IAR has worked with members and their local REALTOR associations to fight back against these policies, and it introduces you to the RVOICE governmental affairs directors who played key roles in blocking home rule status for some municipalities.

You can download the graphic by clicking this link. Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing more of these hard-hitting graphics.

And in case you missed them, there have been a number of articles lately that show how bad tax policy can get way out of hand, and in the end it’s homeowners who pay for it.