Did you answer IAR’s Call for Action on stopping a proposed Ad Tax?

More than 3,000 people participated in the Call for Action over the past month. Each person had the opportunity to send an email to his or her state senator or representative, making the total number of emails sent soaring over 6,000.

IAR has crunched the data, and this map shows the impressive response that came from all corners of the state.

REALTORS® would be especially hard hit by a proposed 10 percent sales tax on advertising and related services. After all, REALTORS® invest heavily in print and electronic advertising to help market properties for their clients.

The ripple effects of this policy would be huge, as you can see from this video prepared by a coalition of groups that are fighting this proposal.

It’s not too late. Make your voice heard. Follow this link to participate in the fight to stop this business-unfriendly policy.