Illinois Association of REALTORS CEO Gary Clayton, IDFPR Director Bryan Schneider and IAR Government Affairs Director Greg St. Aubin at a meeting of the IAR Strategic Planning Committee.

The state official overseeing the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation told members of the IAR Strategic Planning Committee that updating the agency’s technology is a top priority.

And IDFPR Director Bryan Schneider said while some elements of this drive are still to come, others such as revamping the department’s website have been accomplished.

“Technology plays a key role in efficiency and transparency,” Schneider told the committee.

Schneider’s presentation was to the IAR panel which helps set the association’s strategic planning. The committee met for a full day on Tuesday in Chicago to discuss future opportunities as part of an annual review process.

The department is looking at a way to include pictures with records on file with the department. Schneider said this would help those using real estate licensees be able to feel secure they were dealing with the person they thought they were. He also said he was looking at the possibility of creating an electronic version of the pocket card real estate licensees are required to carry.

IDFPR is continuing to search for a director for the Division of Real Estate. The division was established last year in an effort to recognize the important role real estate plays in the state’s economy.

The department is looking to fill three positions on the Real Estate Education and Disciplinary Board which oversees real estate licensees. Two of the positions are for the public. The third position is for a practitioner. Schneider said the department is looking for someone with some commercial background for the practitioner role.

Other items from the talk:

  • Processing times for new licensees have dropped 20 percent. Other backlogs are being addressed, too.
  • The department is seeing issues with real estate teams failing to disclose their managing broker in advertising, as required by state regulations.
  • Audits are uncovering cases where managing brokers are not maintaining records, including employment agreements. Schneider said there have been instances where written office policies are not being followed.

Schneider said the real estate industry continues to grapple with cybersecurity issues that are affecting members. He said the agency has seen cases of identity theft and where licensees are not protecting information as well as they could.

Schneider said he was open to to working with REALTORS on regulatory policy, and welcomed feedback from IAR members.