Streator, Illinois recently wrapped up a five-day celebration of the town’s sesquicentennial. As part of the celebration that took place June 27 through the July 1, the internationally renowned Walldogs took over the town to create more than a dozen murals for Streator.  

Illini Valley Association of REALTORS® chose to partner with this event as part of their bicentennial legacy project to celebrate the rich history of their town and state during this historic year. Illini Valley REALTORS® aided in the promotion by helping with the cost of murals and providing volunteers.  

“Around 250 artists from all over the world came together for the end of a massive 4-year undertaking, painting 17 murals in Streator’s downtown,” said Deborah Spangler, President-Elect, Illini Valley REALTORS®. “This assemblage of artists, building owners, sponsors and volunteers worked diligently to showcase the heritage of this small town with a nod to some of its more famous “Streatorites”. It was a pleasure being involved with this project and seeing firsthand the “Hometown Pride” displayed so prominently by Streator’s citizens.”  

Streator Walldogs was created in 2015 as a committee tasked with bringing the Downtown Streator Sesquicentennial to their community three years later. Aside from the largest event that took place in June, the committee also planned a variety of local events, including an inaugural New Year’s Eve celebration, a food truck festival, and a dog-friendly party in Streator’s Marilla Park.  

The Walldogs is an organization of mural artist recognized for their work painting murals in small towns where hundreds of artists come together for opportunities to decorate a town during a festival.  

REALTORS® across the state are working with heart in their communities to complete projects like this to commemorate the Illinois Bicentennial. Illini Valley Association of REALTORS® project is one of 36 legacy projects being completed by our 29 local REALTOR® associations. Various projects include fundraising for local historic home repairs while others are funding historical murals for their community or promoting local historical properties and societies. Illinois REALTORS® has donated land in downtown Springfield next to our headquarters to build Bicentennial Plaza – a REALTOR® Community Partnership, which is a signature project of the state bicentennial celebrations. 

The association is an official endorsed partner with the Illinois Bicentennial Commission, which oversees the state’s plans for the milestone birthday. 

(This blog post is part of a series over the next several months covering Illinois REALTORS® local associations legacy projects leading up to the state of Illinois 200th Birthday. Learn more) 

Photos provided by Illini Valley Association of REALTORS®