On Nov. 16, the Cook County Board’s Zoning and Building Committee hosted a public hearing to collect comments about the proposed Residential Tenant Landlord Ordinance. Real estate groups, tenant groups and private citizens showed up in force to share their opinions on the proposal.

Commissioners made clear the ordinance will not apply to the City of Chicago; however, there are specific provisions that would be problematic.

The county proposal includes a $10 cap on late rent payments. This does not exist in Chicago’s Residential Landlord Tenant Ordinance. Further, the County’s ban on move-in fees is problematic as many homeowners’ associations charge these fees. Move-in fees are often completely removed from the property owners’ control. These items increase risk and the costs of rental properties, hurting the very tenants that the proponents seek to help.

Commissioner Peter Silvestri, Chairman of the Zoning and Building Committee, agreed to form a task force and conduct a survey on existing laws throughout the county regulating residential rentals. While these activities were agreed upon, it appears the bill sponsors want to move forward with a vote in December.

Illinois REALTORS® Local Government Affairs Directors will serve on the task force, offer amendments to the proposal and continue to engage commissioners. REALTORS® who live in Cook County are encouraged to respond to the REALTOR® Call for Action and share the non-REALTOR® Call For Action with their networks.