‘Dream market’ seen for homebuyers

Sellers fall into two groups, according to article:  Those who have owned for 10 years and still can get a return on investment, and those who are selling under stress. IAR’s President Loretta Alonzo is quoted, and she says :

“The traditional seller, unless they have to sell their house, they’re still going to hold onto it because they don’t have the equity they need to move up into another house or they’re not just willing to accept the devaluation of the homes lately. They’re saying, ‘I will stay where I’m at’.” (Sun-Times)

St. Clair County,  Bellville looking at rental policies to curb crime: Several Metro East communities already have policies in place. Now other communities are looking at policies that could include training and added fees for landlords. Belleville News Democrat.

In other news

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