Open houses open doors to buying opportunities! So what could be better than a weekend full of open houses, encouraging people to tour homes and learn more about the benefits of home ownership. Plan to participate in the 2011 REALTORS® Open House Weekend on Saturday and Sunday, June 4-5. This will be a nationwide event this year with support from the National Association of REALTORS®. Open houses open doors to buying opportunities! So Plan to be part of this year’s event!

Homeownership creates jobs and is essential to a full economic recovery. Every time a home is built, bought or sold, jobs are created and money is pumped into the economy.

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We will be interested in hearing more about how you participated in hosting open houses this year. NAR will be active at work promoting year’s open house on,, and the Real Estate Today radio show. Your state association will be at work creating a buzz to help promote the event statewide and your local association will do the same.

So get your signs ready and gear up for this year’s Nationwide Open House Weekend!