On this podcast, you get a sneak preview of what lies ahead at the Illinois REALTORS® Winter Business Meetings, Jan. 18-20, at the Bloomington-Normal Marriott Hotel and Conference Center. The theme is “Everyone deserves the American Dream. REALTORS® are the key to homeownership.” Check the complete schedule.

Full Transcript:

Jeremy Goeckner: Hello, and welcome to the IR weekly podcast, keeping you up to date with all of the latest news in the REALTOR® world. I’m Jeremy.

Kelli Jessup: And I’m Kelli.

Jeremy Goeckner: If you have not done so you need to register right now for next week’s 2022 Winter Business Meetings in Bloomington-Normal. There are a lot of issues to be covered, including major updates on the most pressing issues facing the industry legal matters regarding COVID-19 and how to remove roadblocks so that your clients can achieve the dream of home ownership.

Kelli Jessup: And that registration deadline is Wednesday, January 12th. You can register online at illinoisrealtors.org/winter business meetings. You can also find the full schedule online, at that URL, as you said, Jeremy, there are a lot of issues being covered during winter meetings. Let’s talk about some of what members can expect.

Jeremy Goeckner: Yeah, the open forums will kick off with the launch of the association’s American Dream initiative. Illinois REALTOR® President Zeke Morris, and CEO Jeff Baker are going to present details about the American Dream vision, why it’s important and what you can do to help your clients achieve their American Dream.

Kelli Jessup: During winter meetings, you’ll hear directly from members about their personal stories and journeys to home ownership. A panel members will talk about their path to homeownership from a Hispanic perspective.

Jeremy Goeckner: That’s right and they’re going to share their personal experiences and talk about opportunity wealth building and generational empowerment for Hispanic Americans. I know that’s something that Zeke has talked a lot about in the last couple of weeks. I bet it’s going to be interesting.

Kelli Jessup: You also will hear from another panel of REALTOR® members, this one talking about current business issues. They’ll provide some tips for working in the low inventory market and give you some recommendations for operating your business. In 2022, the business issues discussion will also take a look at the important work being done by the discriminatory appraisal task force. You’ll learn about Illinois REALTORS® work at the statehouse and how local and state government issues might affect your business in 2022.

Jeremy Goeckner: That’s going to be stuff you need to know.

Kelli Jessup: Don’t want to miss it.

Jeremy Goeckner: Don’t miss it. Speaking of local and state government in the winter meetings, political action forum, you’ll hear firsthand accounts from members who are running for local office have run for office or are currently serving in a political office. These members will talk about their experiences and explain why it is so important for REALTOR® members to serve. I already had a conversation with one of these REALTORS® and it was fantastic. He told amazing stories. You’re not going to want to miss just don’t miss any of them, but especially this one.

Kelli Jessup: Well, and you also don’t want to miss the legal form. And on that front, members will get up-to-date information about COVID-related business issues. You’ll hear about the CDC guidelines and NARS recommendations for conducting business. Illinois REALTORS®’ legal team is going to touch on a number of topics, including issues that occur when someone switches, brokerages, the legality of buying your own listing fair housing issues and residential real property disclosures.

Jeremy Goeckner: Yeah. If it’s the legal team, you know, it’s going to be stuff you never even thought you needed to know, but you need to know definitely.

Jeremy Goeckner: Anneliese and Betsy do not mess around. One of the big reveals at the winter meetings is the announcement of the 2022 Illinois REALTOR® of the Year. The roadie as we call it here in the office REALTOR® of the year is the highest honor. The association can bestow on a member. It’s presented to an individual whose leadership service and dedication to excellence has enhanced the professional image of REALTORS® in the state attendees of the winter meetings will be the first to hear about the selection of the 2022 REALTOR® of the Year. Get that exclusive knowledge you want to be in the room where it happens, folks.

Kelli Jessup: Absolutely. And then another important event and a fun one is the annual RPAC Auction and celebration. It is another widely anticipated event held during winter meetings. Members will be bidding for some great prizes and raising money for RPAC. At the same time, all of this that you’ve been hearing here, plus the vital work that our Illinois REALTORS®’ committees do to make our association thrive for our members.

Jeremy Goeckner: It will all be there at the winter business meeting. So please don’t forget. There is still time to register. If you are hearing our voice today, you still have a little bit of time. You can register until Wednesday, January 12th. That is tomorrow folks on the Illinois REALTORS®’ website. Once again, that url is staging.illinoisrealtors.org/winter business meetings.

Kelli Jessup: We can’t wait to see you there. Be sure to check our website in social media next week for highlights from the event.

Jeremy Goeckner: Yeah, Kelli’s going to be posting all the pictures and videos. All right, that’s it for this week’s IR podcast. Thank you all for listening and as always give us a rating and a review on your podcast app of choice.

Kelli Jessup: And if you want any more content, simply search for Illinois REALTORS® on your favorite social media app. We’ll see you next week.