On Tuesday, the Heartland REALTOR® Organization showed its community spirit with a gift for the city of Woodstock.

Heartland members presented a $3,800 check to the Woodstock City Council that will pay for some of the materials used to create a new habitat for Monarch butterflies in Emricson Park, including pollinator plants, perennial seeds and materials used to build a boardwalk, a park bench and a sign.

The Pollinator Meadow Project is the result of a strong partnership between the city of Woodstock and the Land Conservancy to preserve local architecture, promote land development and conserve land. In early 2019, local REALTORS®, with the assistance of Local Governmental Affairs Director Neeley Erickson, discovered that the National Association of REALTORS® offered placemaking grants that could become a potential source of funding for the project. Since last April, workers have built the boardwalk, created a walking path and received a commitment from a local Eagle Scout to make the park bench.

Because the number of Monarchs have been dwindling in recent years, the creation of natural areas that attract them could boost their numbers in the future, said Heartland CEO Jim Haisler.

REALTORS® plan to help with planting in the habitat this spring.


The Heartland REALTOR® Organization gave $3,800 to the City of Woodstock Tuesday at the Woodstock City Council meeting. Those present included (l to r): REALTOR® Rick Bellairs, REALTOR® Arturo Flores, Woodstock Mayor Brian Sager, Heartland CEO Jim Haisler, Illinois REALTORS® Local Governmental Affairs Director Neeley Erickson, REALTOR® Becky Kirchner and REALTOR® Casey Meyers.