Housing Opportunity Grants and the Revitalize, Opportunity, Influence (ROI) initiative are providing opportunities for Illinois REALTORS® members to show community leadership.

ROI focuses on resources REALTORS® use to strengthen communities, promote innovation and encourage growth. With local and state governments searching to find ways to address housing needs, Housing Opportunity Grants are designed to help improve systems, programs and policies that expand access to housing. Local associations are eligible for one grant per level:

  • Level 1 (up to $1,500) – To hold educational activities, host a speaker or develop coalition efforts with community stakeholders who can provide information to address specific affordable housing issues.
  • Level 2 (up to $5,000) – To support and provide funding for a specific affordable housing issue chosen by a housing or community stakeholder coalition within a community.
  • Level 3 (up to $10,000) – To support new projects or enhance existing efforts that have growth potential. The activity must include working with at least one non-REALTOR® primary partner organization.

As a part of the ROI initiative, the “REALTOR® Party Spotlight” will identify important information about the various grants and funding available to local associations through the National Association of REALTORS®. The REALTOR® Party Grant program is designed to help create, promote and sustain a vote, act and invest culture of advocacy.

In addition to serving as a tremendous resource for municipalities to improve affordable housing, the housing grants help REALTOR® members and their local associations be seen as advocates for change. We strongly encourage every local association to take advantage of this vital program.

For more information please visit www.realtorparty.com or contact Jim Clayton ([email protected]).

* All grant applications must be submitted by association executives or local governmental affairs directors.