REALTORS® Property Resource (RPR) wants to help REALTORS® be as successful as possible, especially during these uncertain times.  RPR asked insiders who are experts in all-things real estate what RPR webinars they think would help REALTORS make the most of their downtime by learning new business-building strategies and skills.

In this Q & A with the RPR Industry Relations Team, the experts compiled a list of webinars to help REALTORS® stay engaged with consumers, keep pipelines flowing, and prepare for the rebound after the crisis is over. All of these RPR webinars are offered free of charge. If you are experiencing a pain point, RPR will create a customized help session to address your needs. Visit the RPR Knowledge Base for additional resources.

Free RPR webinars for REALTORS®

Scheduled webinars

Making the Most of RPR During COVID-19: every Tuesday in April (20 minutes) While we all try to flatten the coronavirus curve, we want you to stay ahead of the real estate curve. Sharing RPR reports on social media, checking in on clients, and conducting virtual open houses are just a few tips we will share.  

Discover New Prospects and Listings With RPR (Tuesday, April 21) – Looking to build your listing inventory? Many REALTORS® use RPR as a resource for deep-dive prospecting. Join us for this class where you will learn effective ways to leverage RPR to target potential sellers and build inventory.

Watch now – anytime, on-demand webinars

Making the Most of Your Next Direct Mail Campaign – REALTORS® know how important it is to keep their prospecting pipeline full and to have the right tools to create dynamic campaigns. RPR’s new mailing labels feature give REALTORS® a simple way to market a new listing, just sold properties, or to promote their brand.

RPR’s Top 10 Features for Building Your BusinessRPR has a full slate of tools designed to build your business. Join this session to learn how to improve prospecting and farming strategies; create customizable and comprehensive CMAs, identify distressed properties, generate neighborhood reports and refine the value of a property.

5 C’s of a Successful Farming Strategy – From targeting and analyzing the marketability of potential neighborhoods to resources that help you “break the ice,” we’ll show you a five-point plan for creating and cultivating a solid neighborhood prospecting strategy.

Long Term Investment Analysis for Commercial Properties – Expedite property valuations and investment analyses, avoid mistakes and omissions, compare long term hold scenarios, and market deals elegantly and persuasively with Valuate®.

For more REALTOR® resources and information about RPR, visit the RPR Knowledge Base.