If you have been thinking about selling your current home and moving up to a larger place, finding a house that checks off new must-haves on your list (bigger yard and home office) or even deciding that it’s the right time to downsize to something smaller, now could be a great time to make a move. You can download “8 reasons why now is a good time to sell a home,” but here are two examples.

Available housing inventory is low and not meeting buyer demand: Like much of the country, Illinois is experiencing ongoing low housing inventory levels and has even hit historic lows this year.

Why it matters: Fewer homes on the market, mean fewer choices for prospective buyers. Homeowners who list a home now can benefit from increased buyer demand, while also facing less market competition.

Mortgage interest rates are historically low:  Rates are at historically low levels, remaining below 3 percent for a 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage recently.

Why it matters: Low interest rates could drive more buyers into the housing market, and homeowners who sell now can take advantage of that demand. Not only will first-time buyers and move-up sellers lock in record-low interest rates, they’ll also have more buying power and be able to afford a bigger home for the same payment. Even a 1 percent difference in rates can mean thousands of dollars over the life of the mortgage.