Managing brokers interested in improving safety during showings, reducing ethics complaints and avoiding fines of up to $2,500 for ethics violations, should consider showing the Illinois REALTORS® Unauthorized Access video in sales or training meetings with brokers.

The free, five-minute video uses animated characters and light humor to explain that unauthorized access to a listed property is more than what first comes to mind for real estate professionals.

“Unauthorized access is not always what you think it is,” says Becky Carraher, Director of Ethics and Professional Standards. “It is not just giving your client the keys to a listed property or the lockbox code. It can be a REALTOR® swapping appointments with another. It could be a REALTOR® and a buyer entering a property at 5 p.m. and surprising residents when the appointment was originally scheduled for 3 p.m. Situations like these could lead to embarrassment, jeopardize the safety of those involved and damage the professional reputation of REALTORS®.”

“The video was designed to be engaging,” says Mindie Nesch, Ethics & Professional Standards Manager. “We’ve received great feedback from those who have seen it. We’ve seen members react with laughter and applause. And on top of that, the video is free.”

Watch the video now.