Format: Classroom
Instructor: Todd Burghardt
Location: Chicago-area  •  Sycamore
Start Date: Apr 19, 2019  •  End Date: Apr 19, 2019
Credit Hours: 3 - Core B

Registration Information
HomeTown Association of REALTORS®
[email protected] or 815-899-3301

Course Description
This course will cover legal issues of concern to real estate professionals in today’s marketplace.  The main focus will be to identify some those areas that pose particular or increased potential of risk to real estate practitioners and some suggestions for reducing, removing or transferring those risks from their practices.  Current topics for discussion include legal issues such as agency, physical property disclosure requirements, property management, office policies and other topical legal issues like federal enforcement actions regarding the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA).  This course will examine brokers’ legal duties and requirements while taking a close look at best practices that can be combined with risk management and transfer tools to ask brokers to be compliant and successful in the marketplace.  Timely matters for discussion include threats to business such as cybercrime, enforcement actions and under RESPA, litigation and failure to meet legal obligations.