Format: Classroom
Instructor: Deborah DeBoer
Location: Chicago-area  •  Northbrook
Start Date: Feb 12, 2020  •  End Date: Feb 12, 2020
Credit Hours: 2 - Elective

Registration Information
North Shore-Barrington Association of REALTORS®
[email protected] or 847-480-7177

Course Description
The PEEC certification is designed to alert your customers, clients and consumers that you have expertise in making their real estate journey as easy and successful as possible.  Utilizing customer service skills in combination with an in-depth knowledge of the market empowers you to gain, keep and develop referral relationships.  Sustainability of relationships in the modern real estate arena is critical to increase profitability.

Repeat business and much more importantly referral business must take place to combat the fact that consumers are purchase homes later in life and staying in them longer than ever before.  No longer will one sell a consumer five homes over their lifetime.  It is more likely that they will sell one or perhaps two during a lifetime with a client.  It is no longer enough to create a smooth transaction, but now an experience that can be shared with others Is imperative to keep your business growing and thriving.