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Fall Business Meetings

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Livestreams: Thursday, Sept. 17

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*Illinois REALTORS® Business Meetings are for members only.
Notice: By participating in Illinois REALTORS® events, you understand that portions of the meetings or events may be audio recorded and that still or motion (video) pictures may be taken of me while attending the meetings and event and I give permission for any such images, videos, or audio recordings to be used by and for the promotion of Illinois REALTORS®. All images, videos and recordings shall remain the property of Illinois REALTORS®.


Be aware of the fact that all in the online forum are in the real estate brokerage business and as such, are competitors. Competitors must compete and must always avoid anti-competitive behavior. Here are some fundamental rules to live by:
1. Make independent business decisions for your individual companies
2. Always avoid conversations with your competitors about:
a. Fee amounts
b. Commissions
c. Splits with coops
d. Splits for your company’s licensees
e. Denigrating business models that are different than yours
f. Colluding to boycott other competitors or service providers
3. Comply with License Act, Rules, Code of Ethics and other applicable statutes – we are a regulated industry.
We can gather to discuss prudent practices within the structure of the License Act and other applicable regulations. We can also discuss how Illinois REALTORS® can serve you in a practical and legal manner.