Fair Housing

Fair Housing Month Video #3


As Fair Housing Month wraps up, Sharon Gorrell and Cristina Headley talk about what are known as “Unseen Disabilities” and why REALTORS® and landlords need to be aware of them.

Fair Housing Month Video #2


In observance of National Fair Housing Month, we recently sat down with Cristina Headley, an attorney with Equip for Equality, to talk about many issues related to fair housing, such as things landlords and property owners can do to make their properties more compliant and accessible for people with disabilities.

Fair Housing Month Video #1


In recognition of National Fair Housing Month, we spoke with REALTORS® Mike Rickert and Annette Akey Panzek about what kinds of modifications and improvements landlords can make to their properties. We also spoke with Garland and Heather Armstrong, who shared their experiences obtaining accessible housing. And we learned that in many cases, such improvements are far less expensive than expected.

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