Lobby Days

Illinois REALTORS® 2021 Legislative Briefing


What happened? Legislators flew into Springfield for a brief lame-duck session and…Well, Illinois REALTORS® Senior Vice President for Governmental Affairs Greg St. Aubin will provide members a recap of the lame-duck session and a glimpse of the legislative initiatives Illinois REALTORS® will discuss with lawmakers in 2021 to help your business and your clients. Plus, exclusive interviews with the new Speaker of the Illinois House and Senate President.

Strength of REALTOR® Advocacy


How effective was our collective strength and political influence during the 2020 election? What does that mean for your business? Illinois REALTORS® Manager of Advocacy Programs Alex Finke will provide never-before-discussed deep insights into RPAC, Illinois REALTORS® Calls for Action and the REALTOR® Party Mobile Alert.

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