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Illinois REALTORS® presented a series of online professional development sessions in May and June 2021, including exclusive limited-time access webinars from The Boom Team and Dustin Brohm, as well as a members-only Legal Update by Betsy Urbance and Anneliese Fierstos. Watch the Legal Update recording (member login required).

Moving forward, United, Strong, and Resilient!

Illinois REALTORS® members are moving forward in 2021 with enthusiasm, more seasoned than ever and equipped with new ways of thinking, working, and thriving as REALTORS®.

In January 2021, Illinois REALTORS® Winter Meetings provided valuable, exclusive insights into the legislative, legal and ethical landscape facing real estate professionals. Illinois REALTORS® experts and legislative leaders weighed in, and members shared their personal stories of resilience.

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2021 Outlook
You survived the pandemic and other struggles that our communities, state and nation dealt with in 2020. Now, hear about the plans of Illinois REALTORS® to aid us in being united, strong and resilient in 2021 so that YOU can help your clients, business and community like never before!

Member Videos
Hear from your Illinois REALTOR® peers about being united, strong, and resilient. Member videos appear in alphabetical order. Scroll through the playlist and submit your own video entry!

2021 Legislative Briefing
Learn how your REALTOR® voice can influence legislators’ decisions. Illinois REALTORS® Senior Vice President for Governmental Affairs Greg St. Aubin talks with the new Speaker of the Illinois House of Representatives, Emanuel “Chris” Welch, and Illinois Senate President Don Harmon and provides a glimpse into the legislative initiatives that could help your business and your clients.

Interview with Legislative Black Caucus Leader
State Representative Kam Buckner (D-Chicago) of the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus has a candid and personal discussion with Illinois REALTORS® President-elect Zeke Morris about the ways in which REALTOR® concerns overlap with the caucus’ legislative agenda. This session will broaden your perspective.

Strength of REALTOR® Advocacy
Your advocacy efforts impact the future of real estate. Hear Illinois REALTORS® Manager of Advocacy Programs Alex Finke provide never-before-discussed deep insights into RPAC, Illinois REALTORS® Calls for Action and the REALTOR® Party Mobile Alert, and learn about the ways you can play a key role.

Advocacy Everywhere
Wondering how REALTOR® relationships with lawmakers can help the industry and your business? Illinois State Senator Jason Barickman of the 53rd District talks with Immediate Past President Ed Neaves about REALTOR® advocacy, the outlook of the state’s housing policy and its impact on your business.

Legal Update
Get answers to your legal questions from Betsy Urbance, Illinois REALTORS® General Counsel and Legal Hotline Attorney Anneliese Fierstos. Get insight into legal rules for advertising your real estate team name, running your virtual office, changes to the REALTOR® Code of Ethics regarding hate speech, and COVID-19 vaccine availability and distribution.

Business Issues Forum
Sometimes you need advice from your peers. REALTORS® Sarah Ware, Brian Kwilosz and Megan Oswald share their practical ideas for business growth in a discussion that touches on topics such as social media, branding, diversity, fair housing, recruiting, and more. Their insights may help you grow your business.

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