Illinois REALTORS® set out to THRIVE in 2021 and we delivered. Emerging from a year of uncertainty and isolation, REALTORS® revitalized and stabilized communities, seized opportunity and influenced the industry beyond expectations.

Illinois REALTORS® set out to THRIVE in 2021 and we delivered. Emerging from a year of uncertainty and isolation, REALTORS® revitalized and stabilized communities, seized opportunity and influenced the industry beyond expectations.

Professional Standards Committee kicks off 2021 strong

Ombudsman requests

Ethics Citation complaints filed

Cases resolved to
complainant’s satisfaction


Ethics and Arbitration hearings held virtually

Ethics citation fines paid



Global Symposium

Operations ensures Illinois REALTORS® headquarters safely reopens

Operations put systems in place to safely re-open our headquarters and association events during the pandemic. This included limiting exposure possibilities, establishing an opening bridging process and leveraging our member relations team to field calls and ensure all required CDC COVID health and safety protocols were followed. Operations continues to monitor staff vaccination status.

Illinois REALTORS® CEO Jeff Baker had a one-on-one, virtual meeting with Sen. Dick Durbin


Illinois REALTORS® continue to build strong relationships with our elected officials on the national level

Following the February virtual meeting with Sen. Durbin, Illinois REALTORS® CEO Jeff Baker held a similar virtual meeting with Sen. Tammy Duckworth joined by FPC Nancy Suvarnamani. We continued to have these kinds of conversations in our Congressional districts, holding six Let’s Talk Real Estate events — some live and some virtual — with FPCs and their members of Congress.

Highlights of changes to proposed RELA rules

Utilized RPAC data analysis and year-long strategic plan to assist locals in reaching their new, determined state goal


REALTORS® promote Fair Housing Month at local, state and federal levels

From Belvidere to Belleville, local governments locked arms with local REALTORS® to pass fair housing resolutions during Fair Housing Month in 2021. Each year, April is recognized by Congress as Fair Housing Month in the United States to commemorate the passage of the Fair Housing Act in 1968. This year, Illinois REALTORS® encouraged the passage of fair housing proclamations by local government bodies across the state.

“As a REALTOR® and local city council member, I have witnessed firsthand the power of partnership in our shared mission to affirmatively further the goals of the Fair Housing Act.”

Sue Miller, Illinois REALTORS® President and McHenry City Council Member

“REALTORS® are respected community members, often holding local elected office. It is a natural fit to promote the importance of fair housing from the grassroots of city hall to the halls of Congress”

Jeff Baker, Illinois REALTORS® CEO


REEF awards $32K in college scholarships

Created a Designated Managing Broker responsibility/supervision video for both broker and managing broker courses in response to the new RELA rules


Total Raised




Major Investors


President’s Circle


Illinois REALTORS® continued to break records by earning the NAR President’s Cup for the fifth year in a row. The award is earned through achieving ambitious RPAC investment and advocacy goals.

Strategic Planning Committee held three virtual meetings with staff and adopted the 2022 strategic plan


Illinois REALTORS® longtime economist, Dr. Geoffrey Hewings retired, passing the baton to Dr. Daniel McMillen with a joint economic outlook

Disasters (Events) Responded To


Individuals Awarded Grants


Total Amount Awarded



C5 Commercial Summit held in Manhattan: Illinois REALTORS® showcases Illinois as a great place to live, work, play

GAD Program transitions announced: Scobey leaves a legacy, Blustein will lead efforts going forward


Ezekiel 'Zeke' Morris Installed as first Black President in association's history

American Dream theme launched

Illinois REALTORS® believes everyone deserves the opportunity to achieve the American Dream of homeownership and REALTORS® are the key to making homeownership happen. These principles are the cornerstone of Illinois REALTORS’® “Everyone Deserves the American Dream” campaign, which reclaims the ideal American Dream as a dream available to all Americans, recommits the significance of homeownership to the concept and celebrates the essential role REALTORS® play in achieving it.

Illinois REALTORS® website redesigned as industry news destination

Fall Business Meetings – back in-person again!


Governmental Affairs team coordinates homeownership and affordability testimony to legislative housing panel


Legal Hotline contacts top 2020 by 45%

Top Legal Hotline issues of 2021

  • Business Practice: “Multiple Offer Situations”

  • Contracts to Purchase

  • License Law

  • Advertising

Illinois REALTORS® Leadership Team members spoke at 22 different local association or Industry Partner events in 2021

Gideon Blustein
Gideon Blustein
Colin Cisco
Colin Cisco
Ron Deedrick
Ron Deedrick
Kristie Engerman
Kristie Engerman
Neeley Erickson
Neeley Erickson
Joseph Roth
Joseph Roth

Thriving in 2021 – Membership


Membership increase since 2014