November 21, 2022 State Capitol Report

2022 Veto Session Begins

Legislators returned to the Capitol in Springfield for the beginning of the 2022 Veto Session following months of being on the campaign trail.

The Democrats returned triumphant over their huge election victories, allowing them to continue to control both the Senate and House with supermajorities in the 2023 and 2024 legislative sessions.  Also this week, the legislators elected their respective leaders.  Both President Don Harmon and Speaker Chris Welch will continue in their leadership roles while the Republicans in both chambers elected new leaders. Senator John Curran was elected as the Senate Republican Leader and REALTOR® Representative Tony McCombie was elected as the Republican Leader in the House.

Legislative Action this Week in Springfield

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The bill creates the Money Laundering in Real Estate Task Force in response to the need to assess and make recommendations to eliminate Russian money laundering through real estate transactions. As amended, the bill includes two representatives “from a state association representing real estate brokers” (Illinois REALTORS®) to be appointed by the Governor to serve on this task force. Illinois REALTORS® is neutral on this legislation which was further amended and passed unanimously in the Senate.  The bill is now back in the House for concurrence to the Senate amendment.

The bill creates the Hydrogen Fuel Replacement Tax Credit Act. Illinois REALTORS® supports this legislation that was introduced in October and this week was moved into the House Rules Committee for possible consideration during the second week of veto session. Illinois REALTORS® supports this bill because it will allow both green and clean (nuclear) fuel sources to receive tax credits and not restrict or hinder renewable sources as we continue to negotiate an unrealistic electric vehicle charging station mandate.

Amends the Rivers, Lakes and Streams Act to make some potentially far-reaching changes to the law regarding the regulation of navigable/non-navigable waters.  This bill may be an effort to address recent court rulings at the highest level (Waters of the United States (WOTUS)/Holm v. Kodat). While this move is not likely to move before the end of the year, we’ll have our eyes on it for next spring.

Thank You For Your Service!

There are many current lawmakers who will not be returning to the new General Assembly in January due to retirements, running for another office, not running at all, or getting defeated in a race.  Illinois REALTORS® extends our most sincere thanks and appreciation for the service and sacrifice that all of our elected officials and their families endure to step up to elected office.  We salute our elected officials of whatever party, and whatever office, for their service in making our country a more perfect union.

Next Week of Session At-A-Glance

The legislature will return to business after Thanksgiving on Nov. 29 through Dec. 1 when they are expected to consider changes/clarifications to the SAFE-T Act scheduled to go into effect on Jan. 1, 2023. Both the Governor and other legislators have indicated they are willing to consider some amendments regarding cash bail and other issues. The Capitol is open again to the public following strict COVID restrictions and virtual options remain available for session and committee hearings. Due to construction, the Senate is meeting in the Howlett Auditorium, next door to the Capitol. Also, many of the Senate offices have moved over to the Stratton Building.

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