REALTORS® can look to nature for many benefits for their businesses and their communities. Illinois REALTORS® is providing this page as a resource for practitioners who want to make development more eco-friendly.

From prairie plantings
to butterfly gardens,
conservation strategy
can provide boost

Conservation and real estate? Here’s why the two go together

Integrating conservation strategy into real estate practice can reduce water runoff, and create livable, inviting spaces.

Communities with access to natural spaces are healthier, and more attractive.

Conservation-oriented development can boost property values.

Resources for your association and business

Illinois REALTORS® is partnering with the members of the Prairie State Conservation Coalition, which works to help local not-for-profit conservation land trusts and private landowners preserve land and water resources in their communities, to educate Illinois residents about the advantages of preserving and enhancing natural spaces. The Coalition works with local affiliates which can be tapped for information on best practices and development ideas. Read the Coalition’s 2018 Annual Report.

The National Association of REALTORS® recognizes the important role eco-friendly practice plays in real estate. The Green designation is awarded to practitioners who undergo training and have the tools to integrate conservation into their businesses.

A free, semi-annual magazine published by NAR, On Common Ground presents a wide range of views on smart growth issues.

As the industry’s leading land real estate organization is the REALTORS® Land Institute.

NAR’s new Sustainability Resource Guide addresses the growing role environmental stewardship is playing in the real estate industry.

Making connections

Local conservation foundations statewide can serve as a resource for REALTORS® and their local associations to work on projects of common interest. This map shows Illinois REALTORS®’ local associations and the local conservation foundations which serve their areas.

Conservation news and updates