Illinois Housing Market

Illinois Housing Market2023-05-14T17:17:19-05:00

Existing home sales

Illinois median home prices stayed the same in February while sales declined

The number of statewide home sales were lower in February 2023 than they were in February 2022, while the median price stayed the same, according to data from Illinois REALTORS®. In February 2023, statewide home sales (including single-family homes and condominiums) of 7,509 homes sold was 25.1 percent lower than [...]

What lies ahead for the Illinois market

McMillen previews Illinois’ residential real estate market for fourth quarter2022-10-20T10:06:11-05:00

Monthly Housing Market Reports

Dr. Daniel McMillen
Dr. Daniel McMillen
Head of the Stuart Handler Department of Real Estate at the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Business Administration

Illinois housing market forecasts

Illinois REALTORS® partners with the University of Illinois to provide a housing forecasting model based on Multiple Listing Service sales reported by participating local boards and associations. The forecast links economic indicators with real estate trends and indicators for the state of Illinois as a whole and the Chicago Metro Area and offers monthly, quarterly and annual outlooks.

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Illinois Housing Data at a Glance

Illinois Housing Data at a Glance

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