For more than 100 years, Illinois REALTORS® has worked to provide professional representation to buyers and sellers. The association’s members follow the REALTOR® Code of Ethics, and have a commitment to work with REALTORS® and their clients to resolve disputes. Ethics help better the industry for all.

The association offers two options to help resolve disputes:

Consumer / REALTOR® Dispute Resolution

Real estate transactions can be complex. For members of the public, it can help to have someone knowledgeable about real estate practices to answer basic questions or work to resolve minor disputes. Illinois REALTORS® has a team of ombudsmen who work with consumers and REALTORS® to resolve disputes. Any member of the public or an Illinois REALTORS® member who has a question about or dispute with a REALTOR® can get assistance.

Ethics Citation

Illinois REALTORS® operate under the REALTOR® Code of Ethics which outlines standards of professional practice.  If a dispute arises with a REALTOR® regarding several provisions of the Code, complaints may be filed for review by a panel of Illinois REALTORS® members which specializes in ethical standards. The complaints, which can be filed anonymously, can come from REALTORS® or REALTORS®’ clients.

Advertising Rules Guide

Professional standards toolkit

Illinois REALTORS®’ experts help you to avoid ethical pitfalls and share best practices as part of an ongoing commitment to training members. Find videos on professional standards, mediation, arbitration and social media, plus an advertising dos and don’ts guide.

Ethics training

Members of the National Association of REALTORS® (and Illinois REALTORS®) must successfully complete a 2.5-hour course in ethics, an element of NAR’s Code of Ethics. Learn about the Code of Ethics requirements and training options.