Teams and Advertising. Licensing and Education. Going Paperless. The Rules are changing. Illinois REALTORS® worked closely with state legislators and IDFPR on rewrites and updates to the Illinois Real Estate License Act (RELA) and we want to help you protect your business. 

2022 Real Estate License Act (RELA) Omnibus Cleanup Bill (June 1, 2022)

Final Administrative Rules under Real Estate License Act (March 16, 2021)

Illinois REALTORS® Reference Guide to Administrative Rule Highlights

RELA Legal Update Web Series


RELA Live!

Illinois REALTORS® General Counsel Betsy Urbance and Legal Hotline Attorney Anneliese Fierstos hosted a live Zoom event answering questions about changes to the Real Estate License Act (RELA). If you missed the live review, or want a refresher, watch now!


RELA Web Series Episode 3: Licensing & Management

Time 19:18 | You will learn about:

  • The age limit change for brokers and managing brokers
  • Continuing education changes for brokers and leasing agents
  • Managing broker responsibilities: earnest money, contract negotiations for new licensees

RELA Web Series Episode 4: Teams & Advertising

Time 17:30 | You will learn about:

  • sponsoring broker’s name size related to that of the individual licensee
  • digital advertising on internet, social media
  • “Teams” definition
  • misleading terms that can no longer be used



RELA Web Series Episode 6: Miscellaneous

Time: 16:24 | You will learn about:

  • absence of “ministerial acts”
  • new continuing education categories
  • compensation entities and rules for married licensees
  • CE becoming a finable offense
  • what an unlicensed personal assistant can’t do
  • criminal histories

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