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Writen by Mike Scobey |

Published: February 18, 2020 |

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Michael Scobeyby Mike Scobey, Illinois REALTORS®
Senior Director of Local Advocacy & Global Programs

In the March 17 Primary election, Illinois REALTORS® is working to oppose three municipal referenda involving Home Rule:

  • Burr Ridge (Cook & DuPage)
  • Lynwood (Cook)
  • Westchester (Cook)

While Home Rule gives municipalities more local autonomy, when Home Rule powers are mis-used they can negatively impact real estate and private property owners. Illinois REALTORS® is the only advocate for private property rights at the State Capitol in Springfield and in city and village halls across Illinois. That is why we intend to educate the community about the unintended consequences of Home Rule.

Why do we oppose Home Rule?

We have seen abuses of home rule power in some municipalities, including:

  • Increased debt for local governments
  • Higher property taxes without voter approval
  • Additional regulations, red tape and fees on real estate transactions
  • New and excessive inspections and fees

Three things you should know about Home Rule.

About the writer: Mike Scobey is Illinois REALTORS® Senior Director of Local Advocacy & Global Programs.

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