Illinois REALTORS® is celebrating Black History Month with features on our Industry Partner, the Dearborn REALTIST® Board. Keep an eye on our blog for a presidential chat between Dearborn President Courtney Jones and Illinois REALTORS® President Sue Miller.  

Dearborn REALTIST® Board was the first African American real estate trade association and is the local chapter of the National Association of Real Estate Brokers (NAREB). Dearborn will turn 80 this year and is going strong with networking, training and economic development initiatives. Below are some highlights of those initiatives and how to get involved: 

The SHIBA Report 

SHIBA stands for State of Housing In Black America which is a primary focus of NAREB and the Dearborn REALTISTS®. Each year, the SHIBA report “provides a detailed view into the real numbers and facts that impact and impede Black families from realizing the dream of homeownership.” The report provides yearoveryear data about Black homeownership and the mortgage market. The data is followed by public policy recommendations aimed at closing the homeownership gap and encouraging wealth through property ownership.  

Some highlights from the 2020 report include a 7-point gain in Black homeownership from 2019 to 2020 jumping from 40.6 percent to 47 percent. Despite this good news, the report points out that Black mortgage applicants are twice as likely to have their applications rejected when compared to non-Hispanic White borrowers. Close attention will be paid in 2021 to understand what impact the coronavirus pandemic will have on Black homeownership rates.

Chart showing growth of Black homeownership from 1990 to 2020

(Information from SHIBA report, courtesy of Dearborn REALTISTS and NAREB.)


The Two Million New Black Homeowner Program is a national, action-oriented solution to increasing Black homeownership. The program includes Advocacy at the local, state and federal levels, public outreach and advertising and homeownership focused neighborhood and community development projects. Further, NAREB recently announced a major initiative to recruit, train and mentor future Black real estate agents 

Community building in Illinois

The local chapter of NAREB, Dearborn REALTISTS®, works every day to build communities, grow the real estate profession and promote Black homeownership. In addition to project-based outreach and community involvement, the Board meets regularly and provides specialized training and networking for members. The Dearborn REALTIST® Board is an on-ramp to a powerful, national advocacy organization while still managing to make Illinois members feel like part of a close-knit family. In fact, you can get to know board member and up-and-coming industry leader Darell Powell-Lee in the snapshot video below.

Watch Illinois REALTORS® blog for a special presidential chat between Dearborn REALTIST® Board President Courtney Jones and Illinois REALTORS® President Sue Miller. Also, take a moment to follow the Dearborn REALTIST® Board on Facebook and consider becoming a member 

Celebrating Our Heritage: Darell Powell-Lee Interview from Illinois REALTORS® on Vimeo.