The agenda of the Legislative Black Caucus offers something that can help every Illinois resident, State Rep. Kam Buckner (D-Chicago) said during the Illinois REALTORS® virtual Winter Meetings Tuesday afternoon.

Opponents have used fear mongering to stir controversy about legislation passed during the Illinois General Assembly’s recent lame-duck session, said Buckner, chair of the Legislative Black Caucus. But he answered questions and clarified his responsibilities as leader of the caucus during a lengthy conversation with Illinois REALTORS® President-elect Zeke Morris.

Their conversation included:

  • Four pillars of the caucus’ legislative agenda,
  • How Buckner’s experience in his own district has prepared him to serve as caucus chair,
  • How family life helped him gain perspective on the “criminal legal system” and education,
  • How homeownership can help families overcome generational poverty and build generational wealth.

While talking about shared goals of the caucus and Illinois REALTORS®, Buckner acknowledged that REALTORS® have shown him a commitment to making their communities better places to live and work. Encouraged by that kind of support, he noted the caucus will continue to focus on legislative goals to improve the lives of Illinoisans.

“We have to meet this moment with a lot of honesty, integrity and intentionality,” he said.

To learn more about Buckner, the Legislative Black Caucus and what he hopes to accomplish, listen to the entire interview.