The Chicago Tribune today has an article on a measure on the ballot which would allow the community of Westchester to adopt home rule.

The article notes that local REALTORS® have come out against the issue.

IAR Local Governmental Affairs Director Tom Joseph

“Home-rule authority is an expanded power, not a limited power,” said Tom Joseph, local government affairs director for Main Street and the Illinois Association of Realtors. “It would allow the village to place costly fees and regulations upon property owners and businesses along with being able to raise property taxes. It also allows the village to assume potential debt that would have to be paid back at some point. It’s like a blank check.”

The measure is up for vote on March 15, and greatly expands government leaders’ authority to tax and implement fees. Private property advocates argue that the move can just drive the cost of living up.

Westchester is among several communities considering the move, including Summit and Franklin Park.