Heartland REALTOR® Organization showed its community spirit with a donation to a green project in Marengo.

McHenry County volunteers for the “Paddle the Kish” project want to create a third launch site for canoeists and other paddlers on the Kishwaukee River at Highway 23 in Marengo.
During the last three years, volunteers have helped clear six miles of logjams and underbrush on the 14-mile river to create paddle launches that include driveways, parking areas and walking paths. One is at Woodbine in Marengo and the other is at Siems Memorial Park in Union.
Recently, Illinois REALTORS® Local Governmental Affairs Director Neeley Erickson found out about the project while speaking about REALTOR® grant opportunities in the area. Heartland leaders made a donation to ensure the third launch site’s success. Heartland members are looking forward to helping with the launch construction next Spring.

Pictured, l to r: Heartland CEO Jim Haisler, Heartland Public Relations Committee Chair Dana Rasho, Paddle the Kish Project Director Pat Lawlor and Illinois REALTORS® GAD Neeley Erickson met to help the Paddle the Kish project.