There are about 55,350 licensed real estate practitioners in Illinois, and the state agency handling the process said it is still working to resolve some incomplete applications.

“Transition is not over, yet,” said Jill Johnson, real estate coordinator for the Bureau of Real Estate Professions for the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, told members of the Illinois Association of REALTORS.”Most of you have been through it and are beyond it, but the department is still dealing with some transition issues.”

IAR Chief Legal Counsel Steve Bochenek, session sponsor J.P. Morgan Chase Bank's John Eifert and Jill Johnson with the state Department of Financial and Professional Regulation.

Johnson spoke as part of a panel at IAR’s Fall Conference in St. Charles, Ill. she was joined by Steve Bochenek, IAR’s chief legal counsel.

“There are still people in the process,” Johnson said of the post-transition period.  “There are people who might have turned in part of the application and are trying to rectify what’s missi


If there are questions about license status, Johnson suggested looking at the department’s online license lookup website. “Check to see that your status is accurate,” she said.

Other highlights:

  • Top issues the agency is dealing with include questions regarding unlicensed practice; incomplete contracts; dual agency and making sure the person who signs a listing agreement has an ownership interest in the property.
  • Managing brokers need to take an active management role, Johnson said. She acknowledged that the issues can be complex, but managing brokers need to make sure that they have a good handle on what their brokers are doing.
  • The department often faces questions regarding advertising rules. Johnson urged managing brokers to make sure that all information is updated in advertising, particularly if there have been any changes in where a managing broker works.  “There has been a lot of crossing from office to office,” Johnson said. “And sometimes when that happens, the advertising hasn’t been changed.”
  • The department meets state standards for staffing in regards to enforcement. Johnson said the department has six investigators and three prosecutors.