At the Everyone Deserves the American Dream Closing Forum, National Association of REALTORS® 2022 First Vice President Tracy Kasper joined Illinois REALTORS® President Ezekiel “Zeke” Morris on stage to talk about the American Dream of homeownership and how REALTORS® play a key role in helping buyers of all walks of life achieve that goal. Illinois REALTORS® launched its American Dream campaign this week during the association’s Winter Business Meetings.

“Illinois REALTORS®, your American Dream campaign will help reassure your families, your friends and your clients of the essential role REALTORS® are playing in making the dream of homeownership accessible not to some but to all, particularly now,” Kasper said. “Literally and figuratively, you all hold the key.”

Morris shared the same message: “It is our responsibility to ensure that EVERYONE at all income levels, and of all races and genders has the opportunity to this the American Dream. We can make it happen, we must and we will!”

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