By Illinois REALTORS® Alex Ruggieri and Andy Velkme

Activist, author, economic and social theorist Jeremy Rifkin shared some of his ideas about future during the opening keynote address Tuesday at MIPIM in Cannes, France.

He blended MIPIM’s main theme, “Better Places – Greater Impact – Stronger Business,” with ideas from his latest book, “The Age of Resilience: Reimaging Existence on a Rewilding Earth.” He urged MIPIM attendees to come together, form a new association and force governments to be more collaborative and use more sustainable, environmentally friendly practices.

For example, Rifkin believes that we need to “rewild” one third of the planet and return it to a less developed state.

Major economic shifts in communication, energy, the hydrosphere and mobility have begun and will continue to increase in the future, he said.

Rifkin, who has advised leading companies about renewable energy, electricity transmission, advanced manufacturing and economic modeling, says every major economic shift of humanity involved these factors. Fossil fuels are on the way out because they are too costly to produce, while solar and wind energy are more economical and will force us to share networks of energy for greater efficiency.

Other Rifkin observations:

  • Major weather events, like 10-plus feet of snow in parts of Southern California, are challenging the hydrosphere.
  • A managed transport grid, that he called the “third internet,” will be collaborative and shared in the future.
  • A water storage grid, that he called the “fourth internet,” will help collect rainwater and distribute it when and where it is needed for crops, people, etc.
  • Shifting to using primarily solar and wind energy would allow water resources to be saved for other uses.
  • “Bio Regional Governance” will supersede borders and countries and be created along geographical regions with similar climates.

Get a sense of what Illinois REALTORS® saw at MIPIM 2023 in Cannes, France, and check out the photos below.

Members of the Illinois REALTORS® delegation include: Andy Velkme, Alex Ruggieri, Noah Ruggieri, Marsha Collins-Mroz, Theresa Mueller, Moses Hall and Betty Milam.

(This is the second in a series of blog posts about Illinois REALTORS® attending MIPIM 2023, at the Palais des Festivals. The gathering is billed as the “world’s leading real estate event” and attracts thousands of real estate professionals annually. Look here and on our social media channels for more coverage in the coming days.)