Make a commitment in 2010 to volunteer in your community. On Monday, January 18th, we celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr.’s National Day of Service when people across the country will come together to volunteer and serve in their communities. Look for ways in which you can enrich your community, empower individuals and bridge barriers. You can join an organized service project in your area or help fill a need yourself.  There is an abundant number of opportunities awaiting right within your own community—to help make a brighter tomorrow for someone else.

As REALTORS® in Illinois, we want to hear if you are volunteering on the National Day of Service. Let us know and we will share your efforts and contributions online. Send to

If you are looking for ways to give back go to  Enter your ZIP code to find a volunteer project near you for the National Day of Service.

In 2009, IAR launched REALTORS® Renewing America, a campaign calling on its members to renew and redouble their volunteer efforts in service to America, especially as they relate to helping their fellow Americans achieve and maintain the dream of homeownership.

The REALTOR® organization has a rich history of public service and this is a great opportunity to build the spirit of service in forging a renewed commitment to our volunteer service efforts.