@properties and Chambers Cross & Associates are joining forces. Chambers Cross & Associates is based in Winnetka, and was founded in 1993. The firm primarily dealt with upscale properties. (Chicago Agent)

Debate rages over tear-downs on North Shore

Older properties are targeted as owners seek to build anew. Longtime residents say the move could alter the character of their neighborhoods. After soaring to 60 permits in 2002 for demolition, the numbers sagged with the recession. Now there are signs that the move is coming back, with 28 demolition permits in 2012 and nearly a dozen issued so far this year. (Triblocal).

Report: Retail sales increase 5 percent in Chicago

The findings by Melaniphy & Associates Inc. point to a modest optimism ad more people are finding their way back to buying. Leading the sales charge are apparel and accessories stories. (Tribune)