The REALTOR® Association of Northwestern Illinois (RANWIL) hosted a Zoom meeting to reassure Black Hawk Park District President Joel Fonseca about a park project in Nora.

After discovering that Fonseca had lost funding for rubber playground mulch at Nora Rolando Park in Nora, Illinois REALTORS Local Governmental Affairs Director Neeley Erickson contacted the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR). After explaining the situation to NAR representatives, the national association increased its $1,200 Placemaking Grant to $4,500.

In addition, RANWIL donated an additional $500 to the project and an anonymous donor added another $500, said Erickson.

“A huge ‘Thank You’ to you and your team for being instrumental in completing this project,” said Fonseca. “We greatly appreciate it and look forward to seeing you all at the build site in the Spring.”

RANWIL, with 130 members, is led by CEO Ginger Sreenan, President Jackie Debes, President-elect Ashley Heilman, Treasurer Josh Longamore, Secretary Amy Barnes and Immediate Past President Ann Haag. The local association office is in Freeport.

Top row (l to r): Joan Welt, Neeley Erickson, Faye Heilman. Middle row: Jackie Debes, Ginger Sreenan, Black Hawk Park District President Joel Fonseca. Bottom row: Amy Barnes. Missing from screen shot is Ann Haag.