The way REALTORS® communicate during the COVID-19 pandemic can affect the way consumers perceive and respond to them.

In fact, an article in REALTOR® Magazine Live asserts that REALTORS® who form positive bonds with consumers during a crisis like the current pandemic will see positive effects on their businesses now and in the future. In “How your response to COVID-19 can attract clients,” Texas Tech University researchers and professors outline a framework that uses data and successful business practices over seven decades.

They use the acronym HEART to outline the five steps they recommend:

  1. H=Humanize your company
  2. E=Educate about change
  3. A=Assure stability
  4. R=Revolutionize your offerings
  5. T=Tackle the future.

The article provides numerous real-life examples of simple ideas REALTORS® have used during the pandemic that fit at least one aspect of the HEART framework. For example, Kara Keller, a broker at Baird & Warner in the Chicago area uses a drone indoors to video her listings, then narrates the video tours. She promotes them as a way to tour properties remotely. Find out more.

Companies that keep using good ideas after the crisis has passed will be ahead of competitors who return to their old methods, says one of the professors. Another says, “I believe the companies that will stand out will be doing things a different way in the future, too.”