Illinois REALTORS® and the Mainstreet Organization of REALTORS® (MORe) are opposing Home Rule in Crestwood this November.

Local Governmental Affairs Director Tom Joseph met with Crestwood officials this past spring to find out why they wanted a referendum. He discovered they wanted a crime-free ordinance requiring rental inspections and landlord licensing. Mainstreet’s Government Affairs Committee and Mainstreet’s Board of Directors recommended opposition.

Crestwood-area REALTOR®

REALTOR® Myke Toscas

Crestwood REALTOR® and resident Myke Toscas of Century 21 Affiliated is helping Joseph advocate against Home Rule and distribute yard signs. Illinois REALTORS® is using direct mail to educate voters about the challenges property owners will face if the Home Rule referendum passed.

Home Rule authority would empower local government to regulate the real estate market and could negatively affect transactions between property owners and negatively impact REALTOR® business. In the past, Illinois REALTORS® has fought numerous attempts by south suburban local governments – including a previous attempt in Crestwood – to get Home Rule authority.

“Illinois REALTORS® has opposed Home Rule with great success,” said Joseph. “Our advocacy program – yard signs, direct mail and other digital communication – has educated voters about the negative impact of Home Rule. Our messages are hard to ignore.

“This is the only Home Rule referendum in the state of Illinois this cycle,” Joseph said. “We have every confidence that we will be successful on Nov. 3.”