It’s that time of year…jingle bells and holiday cheer. And with the holidays bring all the extra to-do lists from holiday shopping to parties and of course plans to ring in the New Year!

So, while you are making your to-do list for this holiday season, you may want to get a few more things checked off and celebrate the New Year with a new license and no CE requirements hanging over your head! A little Elf left this checklist just for you so that you will be sure not to forget anything important during this bustling time:

  • Review the transition and CE requirements matrix to make sure you know what you have to do before April 30, 2012! Download the education matrix pdf >
  • Schedule a Proficiency Exam at a pre-license branch location, or sign up for a transition course. Click here for a class near you >
  • Almost done…don’t forget your transition application due by April 30, 2012!
  • If you completed the Proficiency Exam, complete the online transition application with IDFPR >
  • If you took a transition course, mail in your transition application along with your transcript and fee to IDFPR. Every application to transition must be postmarked by April 30, 2012.
  • And if you are a Salesperson transitioning to Broker, don’t forget about CE. If you took the Proficiency Exam you will need 18 hours before April 30, 2012. No CE for those who took the 30 hour course!
  • If you are a Broker transitioning to Managing Broker by the proficiency exam option, your CE is not due until April 30, 2013 and you will need 18 regular CE hours, plus 12 Broker Management CE hours. No Broker Management CE required for those who completed the 45-hour course!

But most of all, don’t forget milk and cookies for Santa!

Go to for more details and links to help you transition successfully.