This fall is the perfect time to tackle those weatherizing projects you’ve been thinking of for your home. Not only will you make your home more energy efficient before the snow starts to fly this winter, but if you move quickly, the right projects could qualify for soon-to-expire ENERGY STAR tax credits.

Under the federal ENERGY STAR program, consumers who make certain energy efficient improvements by Dec. 31, 2010, could qualify for federal tax credits equaling 30 percent of the cost, up to a maximum of $1,500.

You can find a full list of what qualifies for the ENERGY STAR tax credits at but here are some examples:

  • Add adequate insulation and use caulk, weather stripping and other products to seal leaks
  • Install energy-efficient windows, doors and skylights
  • Install metal or asphalt roofs
  • Replace old furnaces, air conditioners and water heaters with more energy-efficient models

Looking to tackle higher-end energy improvements such as installing geothermal heat pumps, solar energy systems and residential wind turbines? Good news, those qualify for a consumer tax credit that doesn’t expire until 2016.

So keeping in mind that October is National Energy Awareness Month, roll up your sleeves, grab that caulk, buy that insulation and get ready to drive your winter energy costs down.